ColorUp | Bracelet | Amethyst

189 CHF

6mm Amethyst Beads
6mm Logo Cube in Rhodinated Sterling Silver 925


Healing Powers


Has a positive affect against insomnia and nightmares
Rejects negative energy and attracts positive energy
Brings calmness, relaxation, and serenity to the wearer
Protects the wearer against psychic attacks, depression, stress, and addiction
Attracts good luck and love
A powerful stone that can relieve pain and swelling throughout the body by calming the nervous system
A healing stone that can be used to heal a large variety of illnesses, as it works well with nearly every major system in the body


Excellent for mental, emotional, and physical releasing and cleansing
Draws the light of the moon, which brings balance and calmness to the wearer
Draws negative energy out from the body and replaces it with positive energy
Increases strength of perception
Aids speech and public speaking
Reduces inflammation, fever, nervous system stress, and improves the blood circulation
Helps the lungs and throat, and reduces irritation by pollutants and other impurities in the air

Note: Do not wear the jewellery during shower, during sports, during gardening or other work that could damage the jewellery.