Lluks Bull Skull | Bracelet | 18K Gold & Black Diamonds

1,800 CHF

8mm Black Onyx Matte Beads
10mm Bull Skull in 18K Yellow Gold
Two Black Diamonds
8mm Logo Cube in 18K Yellow Gold

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Healing Powers


Valuable in difficult or confusing times of our lives
A calm and protective stone that helps the wearer to focus, dispel grief, change bad habits, and remove anxiety and fears
Improves concentration and gives physical strength and emotional stability
Helps with wise decision-making, encourages happiness, and brings good fortune
Helps the wearer release old relationships and move on as it keeps away general negativity
Cools the ardors of love
Helpful in treating teeth, bones, feet, blood disorders, cell damage, and epilepsy


Will assist you to achieve your dreams and fate
Attracts power, stamina, thoughts, wealth, higher self-esteem, and love
Brings clarity into your relationship
Enhances all the energies in the body, mind, and spirit


Attracts honors, wealth, and happiness
Provides composure, stabilizes the emotional system, alleviates tension and stress, and intensifies positive feelings
Draws the light of the sun, which brings vitality and confidence to the wearer
Helps turning goals and dreams into reality
Helps control hormonal and chemical imbalances, and helps the brain work more efficiently
An excellent healer of both mind and body
Used for treatment of arthritis, skin cancer, blood disorders, heart diseases, spinal problems, as well as balancing the right and left side of the brain

Note: Do not wear the jewellery during shower, during sports, during gardening or other work that could damage the jewellery.