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Runde Manschettenknöpfe aus Lapislazuli
925 Sterling Silber rhodiniert

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Healing Powers

Lapis Lazuli:

A stone of royalty, truth, friendship, protection, and enlightenment
Brings harmony to relationships by balancing male and female energies, and helps the wearer to openly state their individual opinion
Mentally calming, supports clarity, and helps one to organize daily life
Helps expand awareness and intellect, and cleansing the spirit to help bring out inner truth and peace
Harmonizes your heart and mind as it creates stronger bonds between them
Brings inner power and builds courage, confidence, and helps overcome shyness
Helpful in the healing process of cancer, immune system, nervous system, heart, body strength, and headaches


Excellent for mental, emotional, and physical releasing and cleansing
Draws the light of the moon, which brings balance and calmness to the wearer
Draws negative energy out from the body and replaces it with positive energy
Increases strength of perception
Aids speech and public speaking
Reduces inflammation, fever, nervous system stress, and improves the blood circulation
Helps the lungs and throat, and reduces irritation by pollutants and other impurities in the air

Note: Do not wear the jewellery during shower, during sports, during gardening or other work that could damage the jewellery.